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About Us

When you need a cleaning service that listens and understands your needs, we present the latest service concept with a super-cost-effective (budget cleaning) service.

We provide cleaning services to your home and also shuttle services for items that can be done at our location.

When you choose us you have chosen a good service at a very affordable price.


Professional and experienced personnel in their fields make us confident that we will be able to provide satisfaction to all our clients. Our work culture is honest, friendly, and likes our work. We are proud of the services we will provide to you.

Low price
All you can clean.
Quality machines.
Flexible cleaning.

Our Services

We serve cleaning based on time / hour of attendance.


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  • OVEC is a vacuum service to minimize the presence of dust, especially on items such as:
    • Mattress
    • Sofa
    • Sofa bed
    • Chair
    • Carpet
    • Private vehicle
  • This service is intended for those of you who are dealing with the problem of dust / potential mites wandering around.

Please Note:
The terms and conditions listed in the FAQ apply.

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  • OSTERIL is a service to minimize the presence of germs, viruses & bacteria, especially on items such as:
    • Mattress
    • Sofa
    • Sofa bed
    • Chair
    • Carpet
    • Private vehicle
    • Baby gear
  • This service is intended for those of you who experience skin irritation, itching, skin rashes or other disorders that require a "sterile" condition. We use hot steam technology reaching up to +/- 100 degrees Celsius to carry out the sterilization process

Please Note:
The terms and conditions listed in the FAQ apply.

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  • OLEATHER Is a service to overcome the presence of dirt in leather products on items such as:
    • Sofa
    • Sofa bed
    • Chair
    • Luggage / Bag
    • Car seat
  • This service is suitable for those of you who want to take care of leather products at low prices. Handling includes steaming, mild foaming, rinsing & applying sofa lotion. This service does not include scrubbing.

Please Note:
The terms and conditions listed in the FAQ apply.

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QUIKLAUNDRY Is a fast laundry service to restore hygiene on items such as:

  • Mattress
  • Sofa
  • Sofa bed
  • Chair
  • Carpet
  • Private vehicle
  • Baby gear

This service is intended for those of you who want to do a quick laundry to restore the cleanliness of your furniture.

Please Note:
The terms and conditions listed in the FAQ apply.

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How To Book

Choose the type of service.
Press "I Plan a Message Service"
Your request will be submitted to Our Customer Service Whatsapp.

Additional Services

  • Electric generator
  • Steger
  • Jet Washing Machine floor
  • Floor Brush Machine
  • Sterilizing Machine
  • Fogging Machine
  • Additional crew
  • Extra Hours
  • Packaging
  • Delivery and Pickup
  • Transportation for handling at the Customer's Location

Customer Obligations

Water Availability
Availability of ready-made electricity at least 1500 Watt
Required Work Permit
Waste / dirt / waste disposal permit
Availability of Valid Parking Areas for Cars
Ensure that there is no electricity or water disruption / generator supply


  1. Booking fees apply to customers who do not want to pay off all service fees before the allocation of the handling schedule can be allocated.
  2. Booking fee is required to get the allocation of the handling schedule.
  3. Refundable booking fees only apply if the customer does not cancel and / or does not change the schedule after the schedule has been allocated and / or if the work starts and ends according to the schedule. Read also understand the time.
  1. The cost information listed on the website www.murahbersih.com does not include transportation costs where the transportation costs depend on the complete handling address.
  2. The cost information listed is purely crew labor services & the use of work support equipment. So that other costs are not included, for example, a work permit at the handling location, a medical certificate if it is applied at the handling location and other cases. Other costs are purely the responsibility of the customer / customer / owner.
  3. Our crew lives off tipping. If our crew's job is good please give a tip.
  4. The applicable day is Monday to Friday provided that the day is not a public holiday / day of leave. The valid time starts from 10 am arriving at the location until 11 am at the latest arriving at the location. Outside of all the conditions that have been described, an additional fee will be charged depending on the day / time of handling.
  1. Our waiting start time is 15 minutes after we arrive at the location.
  2. Our final waiting time is 15 minutes after we finish our work.
  1. Any changes to your schedule will lose your “refundable booking fee” status.
  1. In order to avoid malfunctioning of the services or services provided, the customer is required to be on site so that the customer can monitor all of our work. If the customer is not on site, the customer is required to have a customer representative who can make all decisions on site. We cannot serve all types of complaints if our crew has left the handling location.
  2. Order through official channels by informing the administration office www.murahbersih.com and with the receipt. Don't forget that customers are required to obey all the SOPs that have been determined by www.murahbersih.com .
  1. All types of additions related to additional costs must be informed to our crew who are in the field.
  2. Must be paid 100% before additions can be made. Only the first 15 minutes apply. If within the first 15 minutes the customer does not pay it off then the crew can refuse any additional requests.
  1. Crew are prohibited from using the work support equipment provided by the customer unless the customer's permission has been given.
  2. By granting permission to use work support equipment, the customer is responsible for all costs or damage (if) that occurs. For example, our crew is given a spread cream to use and if the cream runs out / forgets to place / spills, the customer cannot collect / deduct any costs from us.
  1. Customers are required to check our crew luggage before our crew enters the work room.
  2. Customers are required to notify our crew if there are certain areas that cannot be accessed other than household members themselves.
  3. Customers are required to keep all items of value.
  4. Customers are required to monitor all our work, especially if you are a customer who is not easy to trust others.
  5. Make it easy for our crews to do all matters of entry permits, work permits, health permits, parking permits and other permits where all costs are borne by the customer himself.

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